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Reasons to Hold Regular Family Devotions

Joshua and his whole household have committed themselves to serving God. you will be able to read this in the book of Joshua in the Old Testament of the Bible. Israel had been a rebellious people but in the midst of this rebellion, this statement of Joshua shines forth. Today, many homes are one with Joshua in having their households serving the Lord in the present times. It is by means of regular family devotions that members of the family are united in their purpose of serving the Lord in their lives.

We all want our homes to be happy where bad influence s not found. Unity and togetherness is something that families desire to have. It would be a blessing to have a family where everyone is a worshipper of Christ and delight in His word in the Bible. In these Christian homes, the Bible is taken seriously and applied in their lives and sin, by the Bible definition is not taken lightly or tolerated. These are homes that show the glory and the power of God. In this home, everyone knows that God has an all seeing eye that can see the deepest thought and intentions of the heart.

Without family devotions, this kind of home cannot exist.

When we speak of family devotions, we are referring to a specific time set aside by family members to worship God and study His Word. Family Altar is another name for Family devotions. Here all members of the family from the father, mother and all the children, including servants or extended family, talks about God and His Word.

There is no specified time when family devotions should be held. There are families who prefer it in the first house of the and other prefer it before going to bed, and there are also those who hold it twice. When members of the family are busy, they should try to find the time when everyone is at home. The father usually takes the lead in family devotions. There are those who prefer to hold it after dinner when everyone is usually home. When it comes to deciding what is to be discussed, it is the father that does it.

Family devotions include activities depending on what your head decides. Singing, Bible study and discussion, questions and answers, and prayers are the common activities done during family devotions time. The family devotions is participatory.

There are many benefits to having regular family devotions. For one, you will know Christ more through the study of His Word and thus learn to trust Him with your life. The relationship you have with your family will be stronger as a result of this. When one learns more about the Bible teaches, one becomes a true blessing to society, the light of the world and the salt of the earth.

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