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If you want the people under you or your employees to become more productive, them honoring them or rewarding them is the way to go. Therefore, many organizations and businesses in the world today of adapting to the tool of rewarding their staffs or employees and any other person in the organization for any mileage the cover or any field they in. In the market today, there are many reward systems that different organizations or institutions can adapt to as long as the reward remains relevant to that specific field otherwise it might not be meaningful to give a word that is not relevant to the people you are rewarding. Relevant reward means that for example, in a business setting, rewarding an employee by promoting them to another level in leadership such as manager can be very relevant to the employee, while for students giving them scholarships can be very rewarding and motivating.

An example of an organization that rewards excellence in academic and leadership among the student is the owner society. The Honor societies many awards today and mainly in the United States. Honor Society is not a new name organization that has been established newly because it has been in existence for over 200 years giving rewards and recognizing excellence among the learning institutions. The honor society is an organization whose goal is to motivate people that is the students by recognizing and rewarding the future past excellence.

An organization in the world has its members and the same applies to honor Society where there some guidelines or qualifications for you to be a member of the honor society in your state. Honor Society is an organization that works with the institutions of learning which means the first obvious requirement for you to be a member of the honor society is academic excellence.For the honor society to recognize or know your performance, they use the grade point averages either in your overall performance or by taking a specific discipline that they interested in. There are sometimes the academic excellence is not applicable and in such situations, the honor society uses leadership performance of the student among the peers.

There are many benefits you accrue by joining the honor society is a member. One of the privileges that you enjoy a member of the honor society is the scholarship that you get from the organization meaning that you can pursue your career or the specific discipline that you interested in without straining financially to pay for the course.It is advantageous also to join the honor Society because you are given chances to volunteer into community activities which is one of the considerations that many employees are making before giving the youngsters job opportunities within their companies.

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